Air Source Heat Pumps

Approximately up to 4 times more efficient than conventional gas boilers. The longer you use it, the more you can save on heating costs.

Key features

No refrigerant piping work

All-in-one heating solution with built-in main components allows easy installation without additional refrigerant piping work. This greatly simplifies installation and servicing.

Easy & Quick Maintenance

The remote controller can store up to 50 history items, making it possible to easily identify cause of malfunctioning or faults using the history data and prompt solutions.

Environmentally friendly

Our heat pumps are equipped with the R32 environmentally sustainable refrigerant which has a Global Warming Potential of 675, 70% lower than that of R410A’s.

Quiet & Unobtrusive

A system consists of a single outside “All-in-one” unit, equipped with the revolutionary Scroll Compressor. It has a 5-6dB lower sound power level than its predecessors.

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The installation process will usually only take a few hours, after which you can start using your new heating system.


We will guide you through the Domestic RHI application and all paperwork associated with it.


To ensure your heat pump continues to work works efficiently, we recommend for it to be serviced once per year.


Every heat pump we install comes with a 7 year warranty. In case something goes wrong, we or an LG installer will fix it.